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Kind of given up on apologizing for not being around... I've been up against the wall pushing to get one thing or another done for weeks now, and only have some free time today because I'm too sick to do much else. =_=; Really important I try to get some rest in before NY. I am seeing my endocrinologist on Monday, to check again whether I've actually recovered from the Cushing's yet. Last time they were convinced I was going off the meds, but test results said otherwise. If they've changed this time, that would be better than winning a Dolpa lottery.

Ever-so-slightly less in a panic about Dolpa, since I know who's coming and have most of their outfits sorted (except accessorizing). I'd like to say a word in praise of NDoll and Nine9Style, both of whom got my orders out very promptly and even sent small gifts. If you've never ordered from their sites, I encourage you to do so.

Still wrenches in the works though... pants labeled SD/SD13 are too big on SD10 (had my fingers crossed but no!); and I swear the LeeKe 6-7 caps keep getting SMALLER every time I get one. This one's microscopic. .~. BTW, if anyone coming is in a spot about something for their dolls, I have a lot of doll clothes lying about I'd be willing to bring, perhaps I can help.

I'm really hoping that after the worst parts of preparing to move are done, life will go back to something like normal. But I'm looking forward to Dolpa and have officially declared it "vacation" from all my worries. So I hope it goes well.

Rook goes antique in South Carolina

These are quite old, but you haven't seen them so NEW TO YOU

A bit "meh" about these now but it was also before I got my D90 repaired (I wasn't just incompetent, it was seriously busted), and got my new lens. It's better than nothing? ^^;

I need to rebuild my website(s) T_T; I think it should be CSS now . . .? At some point while I finish restock for my Etsy, make new doll avatars, draw more, and cure cancer @_@;


mofu mofu

I am back from Japan. I won this adorable little llama in a toy crane, I thought you'd like to see it. I have no clue what that other thing is in the photo, it must have come back with me somehow too . . . :X

I'll probably put up a couple more tomorrow. But now since I landed two consecutive viruses out of the trip and have been under the weather for 3+ weeks now, I'm off to bed.



To those in Japan: I need to reserve for Tenshi-no-Sato soon. I was going to visit either Oct. 24 or 25th, but those are the days of the Dollfie Dream Gathering . . . I'm worried it might be busy. My family can go on another day, but I wasn't sure if any of you wanted to meet me there. It's always lovely to see people again! (Though it doesn't have to be at Sato!) No pressure, it's an invitation.

To those in the US (mainly): do any of you know, offhand, what online sites for doll wigs/clothes/etc ship EMS, or are in the US? Or just generally who doesn't take 2 weeks to get items out. x_x I thought I had things sorted, but at least two of the items don't fit properly (not seller's fault, just natural variations). If you can remember your last order from somewhere and whether it was slow or fast, it would be very helpful to me! T_T I feel like such a BJD owner failure these days, I haven't bought anything lately and can't keep up with the sellers.

I keep thinking I'll have the time and energy to sew for my dolls, and I just haven't been able to for such a long time. :( I'm maxed out, I had an endoscopy yesterday w/a biopsy, my brother and his girlfriend will be visiting, I had to send my camera to the shop, my credit card had a problem, last night we found out we were invaded by bugs (!) . . . But I have to prioritize sending out plush to the gallery that wants to carry my work. Even now I have to go clean and cut out Zombie version Toast . . .

back photos

I've been recovered from my surgery for quite some time, but recovering from the Cushing's is . . . well, it will probably be another 9 months. Naturally I'm pretty frustrated, though I am trying my best. But I still just don't have the energy to "play" with my dolls. I did take a few photos of my F-40 last week, I'll try to have those up to share soon . . .

But I did finally get some old photos taken care of. Since I uploaded several sets, I'm posting samples behind the cut, which will link to the Set page so you can go in order. I haven't got the ACen photos done yet.

rest of Japan photos, + Chicago swap meetCollapse )

familiar stranger

I'd like to make a better post but I'm on the second day of all liquid diet and I'm . . . gone. I have to be *at* the hospital (over an hour away) at 5:15AM so . . . yep. >_o I have a friend who is going to update here briefly, so no one needs to worry.

+5Collapse )

his order detailsCollapse )</div> I am so glad that he came before my surgery. I got to see him, and I know he'll be here afterward.


I have my photos from the SD Owner Event at Tokyo Disneyland up, finally. and Flickr Uploadr screwed things up again, nice My report is long, sorry? x.x;

pre-eventCollapse )

dinnerCollapse )

cocktail partyCollapse )

about the eventCollapse )

I had intended to check bags and go to Disney Sea that day, but I knew I couldn't do it so we went back to Tokyo. I went back out though and I do have a few pics of Jynx from there so I'll post a link when I get those up. I still have other photos I haven't processed yet from Tenshi-no-Sato (general trip photos aside). It takes a really long time without software like Lightroom (I still have a few doll shoots wandering around somewhere on my HD, I'm not sure where).

Happy St. Patrick's Day (barely)

Replies tomorrow but it's still St. Patrick's Day on the West Coast darnit! x_x;;; I felt really awful after taking five minutes to do this so darned if I'm not posting it.

Originally uploaded by shine_blitz_on

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Yugiri: y/n? lol. *shoots self*


one mission completed (just about)

There was some minor further drama with it, but the Yos have sold. Kira was shipped out today, and Syo should be going tomorrow; I'm amused that Kira is off to Canada and Syo is going to Sweden (alliteration!). I'm glad to have it done with and it makes me happy that the buyers are very excited.

Though, I confess I was really hoping someone would miraculously have a Hinata. >.o They had two (at least) at Tenshi-no-Sato and I wanted to break the glass. T_T; And I'm still stuck with a headless SD13 boy body. The way the market is going, it's tempting to think it's more financially sound to get a head for it (but I'm likely delusional). Anybody have a Volks head they really want to get rid of? lol.

I've done 189 photos from Japan so far, I'm so slow >_> That's just the first two days ^^; But I'll try and get event photos fast as I can; there aren't that many, I'm afraid, but you'll also get my report. I'm sorry to say that I really am somewhat seriously ill; it's good knowing what's wrong now (Cushing's syndrome), but they're still doing more tests to figure out the exact cause and what will have to be done (so I have no idea what will be happening really or when I'll feel better). I don't have any energy (that's getting worse), I have trouble thinking clearly also, and obviously it's a lot of stress . . . but I'll keep trying my best. I'd really like to take some new doll photos soon.

I wish I could do polls so I could ask who I should take new photos of first. :

back from japan

For those not on my personal journal, yes I am alive and back in the country. Only moderately though (the alive part, I'm pretty sure I'm in the US). I don't have my photos processed yet, they're not that exciting anyway. I was the only American type at the dinner plan though so at least you'll get some photos of the food at that. I'd be more upbeat with this post, but I'm really feeling bad since I got back (and spent all day at the hospital today for a consultation). Um . . . nothing exciting to report about the event . . . I won some crackers? lol. My dog ate my chocolates from Komame-chan. :( (Don't worry, she just gnawed on one and carried the other one off, she won't get sick.)

I have a YoSD Syo and Kira from the event up for sale. (No, I didn't get any dolls or outfits from the event for myself in the end.) I'm also still selling that Isao II body, btw, hadn't had time to bump the thread.

I'll do my best to get photos and a report up soon.