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To those in Japan: I need to reserve for Tenshi-no-Sato soon. I was going to visit either Oct. 24 or 25th, but those are the days of the Dollfie Dream Gathering . . . I'm worried it might be busy. My family can go on another day, but I wasn't sure if any of you wanted to meet me there. It's always lovely to see people again! (Though it doesn't have to be at Sato!) No pressure, it's an invitation.

To those in the US (mainly): do any of you know, offhand, what online sites for doll wigs/clothes/etc ship EMS, or are in the US? Or just generally who doesn't take 2 weeks to get items out. x_x I thought I had things sorted, but at least two of the items don't fit properly (not seller's fault, just natural variations). If you can remember your last order from somewhere and whether it was slow or fast, it would be very helpful to me! T_T I feel like such a BJD owner failure these days, I haven't bought anything lately and can't keep up with the sellers.

I keep thinking I'll have the time and energy to sew for my dolls, and I just haven't been able to for such a long time. :( I'm maxed out, I had an endoscopy yesterday w/a biopsy, my brother and his girlfriend will be visiting, I had to send my camera to the shop, my credit card had a problem, last night we found out we were invaded by bugs (!) . . . But I have to prioritize sending out plush to the gallery that wants to carry my work. Even now I have to go clean and cut out Zombie version Toast . . .


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Oct. 7th, 2009 05:42 am (UTC)
I will email you tonight, I'm so sorry I haven't emailed sooner! I need to finalise with Lauren but I totally want to see you and hang out at Sato! I don't think the DD Gathering will affect us too much? That said, the 25th might be better? Any congestion if there is any will definitely be on the morning of the 24th! Let me confirm with Lauren and get back to you! Also we were possibly planning to go to the Ninja Restaurant that weekend if you want to come along? ^^ Let me check that too. :D
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