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Kind of given up on apologizing for not being around... I've been up against the wall pushing to get one thing or another done for weeks now, and only have some free time today because I'm too sick to do much else. =_=; Really important I try to get some rest in before NY. I am seeing my endocrinologist on Monday, to check again whether I've actually recovered from the Cushing's yet. Last time they were convinced I was going off the meds, but test results said otherwise. If they've changed this time, that would be better than winning a Dolpa lottery.

Ever-so-slightly less in a panic about Dolpa, since I know who's coming and have most of their outfits sorted (except accessorizing). I'd like to say a word in praise of NDoll and Nine9Style, both of whom got my orders out very promptly and even sent small gifts. If you've never ordered from their sites, I encourage you to do so.

Still wrenches in the works though... pants labeled SD/SD13 are too big on SD10 (had my fingers crossed but no!); and I swear the LeeKe 6-7 caps keep getting SMALLER every time I get one. This one's microscopic. .~. BTW, if anyone coming is in a spot about something for their dolls, I have a lot of doll clothes lying about I'd be willing to bring, perhaps I can help.

I'm really hoping that after the worst parts of preparing to move are done, life will go back to something like normal. But I'm looking forward to Dolpa and have officially declared it "vacation" from all my worries. So I hope it goes well.