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Win (only sort of)...

I'm sorry for not being around. I have been reading, but haven't gotten it together to comment; and have been struggling too much with fatigue and pain when I try to do doll sewing still. It's so easy to get behind on life, especially when some of the medication designed to help is making me tired/sleepy. I've had to cancel Ohayocon, and at the moment, I'm not really sure I'm still going to Japan for the SD Owners Event (no, I'm not sure what will happen if I can't go, though I have asked).

I'm just kind of trying not to go bonkers; though I'm not sure how I'm doing on that front. For those not on my personal journal, that means making lots of plushies for no reason. :P (They're on my Flickr and dA if you want to see.)

Originally uploaded by shine_blitz_on

I also bought Jynx a wig, also for no reason.
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For now, in spite of ambitions to do other things (many important), I've taken the stronger pain meds and am feeling floored and I think I'm going to bed. x_x


Happy holidays

Belated Merhappy Chriskwanzukastice to everyone, and I hope you're enjoying New Year's! Well this was something I wanted to finish before the new year, I've made it in some countries at least. e_e; Though I haven't finished with my non-doll holiday pics yet. >< Thanks to cassiel I got my first pair of Droprops (just in time for Christmas), hopefully I'll get some nice photos of those soon, though Naoya is wearing them in these pics.

family portraiture: all 14 current residentsCollapse )

Santa's smallest helper can come magically down the chimney (with the help of magnets :X) (Or, view all the pics

Sprocket's first Christmas, x4 + linkCollapse )

BTW, I got an honorable mention in the Puki holiday contest! ^^ It was very nice to know people liked my photo enough to vote for it.

I won't go into my New Year's resolutions particularly, really I just want to have my health not be such a problem (currently on a two-week heart monitor and still waiting for test results that could be serious), and have more fun (especially with my dolls, of course!).

photo post: Charleston, SC

Originally uploaded by shine_blitz_on
I promised photos; these are from my trip to visit my great aunt in Charleston, SC. Yeah I'm very slow with photos, and now I haven't got Lightroom until I can get my student status sorted . . . blah. The full set is primarily NOT doll photos; but you need photos of fish, Buddha, and cargo ships in your life, too, right? It's pretty easy to spot the doll photos so I won't post them ALL individually here.

Milo (F-08), Sprocket (Puki), +extras; x14Collapse )


One photo to make a slightly better introduction for her . . . this is Wren, Anais II on an SD13 body (currently w/Twigling hands. I always did love Unoss hands - I like girls with big hands lol). I think her lip color isn't quite as off as it looks here >_o I may need to go over her eyebrow color a bit darker though, I wasn't planning on putting her in black so I guess it looks funny. :\

Originally uploaded by shine_blitz_on

I really recommend against trying to do faceups when you're sick. :( It hasn't been going great, but we're having a brief Indian Summer here and I don't know when I'll get another chance. I guess I could describe it as being similar to severe jet lag; but aside from a slight sore throat, I'm having trouble thinking it's strep. Antibiotics don't seem to be helping yet anyway. But since I'm chronically ill, I also don't have the sense to just lie around even if I know I have something ^^;

Sorry about the weird formatting, I can't get Flickr to cooperate. ._. I'm honestly just sort of clinging on to doing anything at all . . . I can't even get it together to take any doll photos.

Drift returns

After uhh . . . 82? days (aka just under 3 months), Drift arrived home from his extended stay in Japan last Saturday.

Less triumphant return than I'd like, poor boy . . . but this is the first pic posted from the new DSLR (Nikon D90) . . . I have more, but I'm having digital workflow issues. :P Add that to being really sick (apparently I'm positive for strep, wtf? though I still think it may be mono), and I'm very slow and out of it. :| Just like me to go straight from being crazy busy for months to being crazy sick.

I have a few more days to decide if I'm crazy enough to go to Japan twice in the same year. Anybody want to come? lol.

Meanwhile, I JUST finished processing and putting up photos from my trip to Tenshi-no-Sato, and the Japan photos in general. I also added three pics to the Dolpa stream, just go to my main page.

aaand at long last

xposting to my personal and doll journals (my battery is dying and I can't find an outlet? *unplugs lamp* >_>) If you are on my personal journal sorry for high doll randomness. I am currently out of town in Charleston, SC, got in this afternoon and will be here for a week visiting my great aunt and aunt.

results of the High Mode contestCollapse )


a nameless triad

Well . . . yeah. So I adopted newbabyfly's Anais. With my cell phone, even, from I-65 just outside of Bowling Green, where I was headed for my cousin's wedding (I wasn't driving XD; ). I am leaving town again tomorrow morning - Charleston, SC for a week, so I will return with dolly photos and hopefully names for my two new ones. XP

Short and stupid arrival comic, with guest stars. (Actual photos lower in this post)

With bonus Sprocket photo from KY. There are also two on my Flickr in the Coke museum set (at the end). I also finished putting up photos from the San Diego Comic-con if you're into media stuff, though there is no Sprocket in that. :X

Anais pics x4, +1 previewCollapse )

I haven't got anything to show for it but I have one other "new arrival" - a new camera. :X I wasn't going to upgrade (just replace - because the H1 is slowly losing its mind, some of the buttons are flaking out a bit, though maybe it's the batteries going?) . . . uh, but my parents got rather insistent about an early b-day present. *major guilt attack* So I will have to use it nonstop and WELL. I have to give it a cool name, though, my other devices have all been cute anime critters - I can't give a Nikon D90 a name like that. @_@;;; (Theoretically I have 90 days to return it unconditionally . . . we'll see how it goes.)

I know, I'm a terrible person and deserve to have nothing but water and gruel for at least a month. =_=;

the FCS has landed~

I am not here, you did not see me. Too bad I didn't have the self-control to wait to open box until I actually had free time (yah right). So, sorry for poor photos/lack of whatnot. :( He has no name yet though I have been pondering it the whole time >_<

box opening photosCollapse )

dressed upCollapse )

Hey kyubikitsy you still have those MSD glasses? *ninjas out*
Huge quantities of not getting important things taken care of but at least my CC bill from Japan is paid. :P Ouch. Have some random Sprocket so I can quit Photoshop lol. There were no fries in this, it came with apple fries from Burger King - they were in a baggie. (Oh, wastefulness.)

Sprocket does his impression of a french fry.
(And/or conveys his portability)

click for larger

Random thing I saved from before: these are from a maker of resin wings, so it's about theirs (you don't really need the text anyway so no translation). But it's relevant in general.
using tenshi wings on standard body
preventing tenshi wing magnets from sliding
(On the second one, it says you can use the foam included to prevent sliding, but if the clothes are too thick, you can use the kit they make - I think you could probably fake it, possibly with shoe inserts.)

Take this, life! *whack whack*

It's possible I will have time to do doll stuff again in this century. I have houseguests and two weddings to go to and a month from now will have been in four additional states. >_>; You will have to take my word for it I'm busy :P I suppose I should be glad the fall US Dolpa will be online only, it makes vendor questions NOT a question. Even if I am tempted to put together an event for the Chicago-area people. I am reading LJ, I'm sworn to keeping that up at least. Keeping up with doll news is apparently bad though, now I want a YoTenshi Hinata. D:

But for now. . .

I'd like to buy the world a CokePuki~

click for larger; see also: World of Coke photos, Dragon*Con photos

Also, I found out accidentally that Naoya and Malcolm both made it into the NY Dolpa After Report. *EDIT* Durr this is why you shouldn't have to wait to post things until after 2AM :( Is fixed now
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Update on my doll family . . . I sold Moxie (Orientdoll Dong) today, she is going out in the morning. She and Sprocket (Puki Piki) just didn't "play well" together, and between the two of them, the Fairyland body won out over OD, in spite of things I prefer about the stylistic aesthetic of OD. Poor Rook (Pixydoll Sevy) is up next, though I have not changed his sale thread off feeler yet. :( Another case of "love it but doesn't fit" brought on by my overwhelming predominance of Volks. >_<;

There is no update on the SD High Mode Competition. Drift is still in Japan, I have not heard anything, and the current Volks News doesn't mention it in the contents online. I really hope that they aren't going to wait for volume 31 (which would probably be Thanksgiving-ish). I decided some time last week, suddenly and for no specific reason, that I'm sure I have not won anything (beyond being a finalist) so it's more wanting Drift back. I really really miss that boy. :(