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Please note this is my doll journal only, not my personal journal which is ayakasan, which doesn't have doll pictures. You are welcome to add either or both. ^^

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Domain of 16 ball-joint dolls -
Akio (SD13 Shirou Tachibana) Naoya (School Head A)
Malcolm (MSD F-09) Jynx (YoSD Rengemaru girl)
Gideon (SD16 Yukinojo Sawaragi) Sahara (School C)
Chance (YoSD Anne boy) Hotaru (Seitenshi)
Stellan (Sakaki) Niamh (YoSD Chinatsu)
Drift (FCS F-31) Wren (SD13G Anais II)
Sprocket (Puki Piki) Milo (MSD F-08)
Rook (FCS F-40) Domino (SD Kanata)